9 comments on “For nostalgia’s sake, here’s some of my early 3d work.

    • Thanks, man! I would hope I’ve improved a little ;). I have a ton of stuff to sort through and post, but I’m loving this WordPress thing so far. Btw, I’m not sure if you’ve heard of this, but if you use Windows Live Writer you can import and post bulk images, and have a local backup– the way WP is set up was kinda frustrating until I found that out. Here’s the link:


      • Personally, I like the way WordPress is set up. Posting on a blog is a lot like posting on a forum, which I do quite frequently. Besides, I don’t use Windows Live or much of anything in Windows that I don’t have to. I mostly use Linux for my online activities.

      • I would love to use linux– like yourself (judging by your use of Gimp/Truespace/Inkscape/Paint.net/Linux) I try to be as open-source as possible, but I’ve tried and tried, and my wifi dongle is simply not supported by any linux distro. I do actually like the WP setup quite a bit, but there are certain little things that seem obvious that it just won’t do with as little knowledge of it as I have so far– btw, do you know anything about plugins? I want to embed some google docs, which apparently you can do, but I seem to be missing a step. I’ve never actually used Windows Live, and the .NET framework is giving me a bunch of shit because I use Vista , but Writer is definitely worth checking out (you don’t have to sign up for a live ID). I tried truespace earlier, and although I couldn’t easily use it right away it looked to have a lot of potential. One thing, though: I’m not seeing many import/export options. Is there a way to import .obj or .3ds files?

      • The only art program I have that I can’t use in Linux is trueSpace. I tried making it work with the Microsoft Compatibility Layer but it won’t. So, I model in Windows. I have to keep XP installed anyway, I have too many games for Windows to totally do away with it. And I love me some games. 😀

        As far as importing and exporting .obj and .3DS in tS, it can be done using the “load object” command. You just have to change the file type to what you want to import or “all files” and it will allow you to import the .obj or .3DS files. You can also import .LWO files, but only from Lightwave 5.6 and older. No files from newer Lightwave versions will import. And, yes, it’s very lacking in import and export abilities, especially compared to Blender.

        As for WordPress, I don’t know anything about using plugins (unless you mean widgets, I know about that.)

      • Agreed about planets. After a lot of trial and error I know a lot about what elements they’re truly supposed to have, but I have yet to put it all together in one place. One point of constructive criticism: the only thing that makes your compositions look any less than 100% professional is the planets– the individual elements are there, they fit with the rest of the render, but I’ve found there’s really just no way to get a truly realistic-looking planet using procedural textures. If you drew out your planet surfaces with a graphics tablet, the scenes you have would be unstoppable. I do see where you’ve got me beat on the weight and overall realism of the textures, but they still don’t seem distributed in a natural-looking fashion. It’s the same problem I have with ships– I use shaders and leave them alone, just because I’m too lazy and I end up settling for quantity over quality, and they just don’t have that level of depth. Your ships, on the other hand, are impossible to knock. I mean, you get every single detail, and I can’t help but wonder what kind of setup you’re using, because on my system, models like that would leave me waiting a full minute for the slightest update. (I’m running a Core i7 920@2.67mhz, 8gb ddr3, Radeon HD5770, Vista x64) It’s actually probably because Vista’s eating all my resources.

      • I don’t do planets using procedural textures (I don’t even know what gave you that idea.) I use a Photoshop plugin to create them in Gimp. They’re not even 3D renders, they’re backgrounds that I make entirely in Gimp. trueSpace has a major flaw. The older versions won’t let you use texture maps larger than 4000 x 4000 pixels. trueSpace 7 is even worse, you can’t use maps larger than 2000 x 2000 pixels. And if you use too many of those in a scene, it refuses to render. So, making planets look realistic in trueSpace 7 is almost a lost cause. If you get moderately close to the planet, the textures start to look pixilated and the planet looks like crap. There’s no way around this, so I don’t do planets in trueSpace at all. And I know the planets I do don’t look realistic, they’re still better than anything I could do in trueSpace.

        And I don’t have/want a tablet. I suck at drawing and it would be a wasted accessory for me and an expense that I don’t need. My computer is a Celeron dual core @ 2.5 GHz, 2 GB of RAM and I run Windows XP Home (32 bit, of course) w/ SP3 and Linux Mint 9 32 bit. Stuff takes time to render but I usually don’t get an lag time when I’m modeling. However, trueSpace 7 is very slow for modeling, so I use tureSpace 4 to model, 7 to render.

        And the games I have are mostly older ones. I don’t even know how to mod a game and it’s never really held much interest for me. I’m not really much into the newer games because most of them assume that you want to play online, which I don’t, and to do so usually costs money and I don’t like paying to play a game that I already bought.

      • Well, considering that, your planets look really good :)– that might be a good role for Blender, since you seem to have a pretty good handle on texturing. The procedural thing was mostly because they blend into your scenes well, and cos that’s what most people seem to do, but I think I’ve seen the plugin you’re talking about.
        It’s funny that you should mention the TS4 vs TS7 thing– Blender’s the same way from 2.43 to 2.5.
        I feel you on the online gaming thing– that’s the only thing keeping me from playing ST Online. I downloaded the demo, and it’s pretty addictive, but I would like to just buy the game and have it generate maps or download them. Other than that I like stuff like Homeworld, Unreal Tournament, Sins of a Solar Empire and Battlefront. Modding a game does seem like a pain, but people just never seem to make the mods I’d want to play. I guess the drawing thing was just an assumption on my part because I draw, but at least you know how to read a schematic, unlike some people (pointing at myself).
        Mint’s a great distro. I was hooked on it for quite awhile until Ubunti 10 came out (but alas, the wifi thing).

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