2 comments on “Last Age Trailer

  1. Interesting trailer. Is this a full-length feature or a short film? Also, I noticed some real scenery in there, are you doing this mostly CGI with some real scenery thrown in or will it be a blend of live action and CGI?

    • Well, at this point Last Age is really just an unfinished manuscript, although I’m contemplating going serial with it and just editing and releasing what I have. I’m thinking about making it a semi-animated online graphic novel (with iPads and smartphones in mind), and perhaps publishing a hard copy version later. I find that the animations are a great brainstorming aid, and it’s just something I love doing, so once all is said and done I’ll have a ton of promotional material ready to go. I also want to work on some games, but I don’t really know how to go about that. I’d love to turn this into a mod for SW: Empire at War or even a dungeon crawler like Titan Quest. The scenery was something that fit with the plot, but I do think once I find the time I’ll have to either try to animate it from scratch or art-ify the live footage.

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