6 comments on “Simple Station Animation in Full HD

  1. I love HD videos. I put that up on fullscreen mode and it looks great. 🙂 I know the focus was the station (which looks great) but you might want to add a little atmosphere to your planet.

    • Thanks! I totally feel you on the planet– I’m really just learning how to use the texture system in Blender, and I tried for hours to get just the right haze effect. I finally just decided to go ahead and render what I had, and of course, it took like 50 hours. I’m going to render an alpha of the planet and composite in the atmosphere once I get all the kinks worked out. I was soooo stoked when I first watched the video all the way through! I didn’t spend too much time on detail, but it came out great. I want to start taking more time with each model to flesh out fine surface details like windows, antennas and surface doodads. I’ll post a version of Diovela I rendered in Cinema4d and you’ll get a better idea of what I’m trying to achieve in Blender.

      • There’s a material setting in Blender to make an object appear as just a halo. I think that might work for atmosphere, though my own Blender experience is very limited. I’ve just barely learned to do much of anything in that program. However, I think that might work for atmosphere. You’d need a 2nd sphere for the atmosphere, but they typical setup for 3D planets is 3 spheres anyway (ground, clouds, atmosphere.)

      • I tried using that and it appears as more of an incongruous glow. You assign the halo material to a single vertex at the center of the planet. It won’t work if you try to do that with the surface itself. I’m thinking if I do that to a second sphere it will give me the effect I want, but I haven’t really messed with it yet.

      • Yeah, the 3 spheres method is how I’ve worked with C4d in the past, but it seems like you can do so much more with a single material in Blender, I’ve been mostly focusing on milking that. There’s also the factor of the glow extending past the nighttime shadow– I’ve never found an easy way to deal with that in any program

      • To be honest, I usually just cheat and do planets using a Photoshop plugin in Gimp. 😉 Despite their seemingly simpleness, planets are one of the hardest things to do in 3D. Even professional artists avoid them whenever possible, many still use painted backgrounds or NASA photos to make planets.

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