Guard Force Commander Sandrin Orvae has been sent by his government on a perilous but critical mission: slip into the remote past and prepare his world, Diovela, for the invading forces of the bird-like, sadistic Zynecherians.  Twenty-six years ago, the aliens struck without warning, toppled entire nations, abducted millions of women and children, and then mysteriously retreated.  Now they have returned to capture a second wave of innocents.  But they have a surprise waiting for them.

Thanks to a decaying message from the long-dead inhabitants of Coludaba VII, mortal foes of the Zynecherians, the Diovelans now have the means to fight back against their aggressors.  They succeed in driving back the invasion fleet, though the cost is high: millions more have died or been lost to an unthinkable fate.  The second invasion has caused chaos, starvation and despair.  But in the Coludaban message lies a ray of hope.  Among myriad technical marvels encoded into the ancient data stream is a method of traveling through time, which will give the Diovelans a chance to prepare defenses and stockpile resources for the impending storm, and perhaps allow them to send the Zynecherians packing once and for all.

Yet something has gone terribly wrong.  Orvae finds himself trapped in a seemingly endless chain of grotesquely distorted, yet hauntingly familiar realities, which hint at a catastrophic disruption of the timeline.  It appears that there are other forces at work here, ones that would like to see Sandrin’s mission fail, or never happen at all.  As he searches for a way back home, he begins to realize that the Zynecherians may be the least of his peoples’ worries.

Back on the original timeplane, renowned physicist and Sandrin’s fiance, Dr. Alina Kayoul, searches desperately for some clue as to his whereabouts.  Her tireless efforts lead her to a shocking truth, and headlong into a conspiracy that could leave her love forever wandering between worlds that never were.

On icy, faraway Zynech, a nameless, broken man lives in fear and shadow, taught to survive by a surrogate mother whose own name has been long lost to memory.  As he sees his fellow captives slaughtered, he finds that he has no choice other than to fight back.  Against all odds, he prevails and crosses paths with an unlikely ally– a spy who vows to help lead his stolen people to freedom.

The Zynecherians, however, have their own plans.  As their true intentions begin to come to light, the need to stop them becomes all the more clear. But victory will not be easy; they have powerful allies.

Sandrin must complete his mission.  Alina must get to the root of the corruption that has stricken her world.  The lost Diovelans must win their freedom.  The Zynecherians’ sinister plans must be averted.  The mystery of the Coludabans must be solved.  Most importantly of all, the truth must be brought to light.